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Cindy Baker

Suggestions for the best way to get from the airport to the Hilton Hotel?  Uber, taxi, or other?

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Elizabeth Dickey

If you do not have a lot to carry, the MAX Red Line would be the way to go. Inexpensive and runs often.

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Gabriela Rocha Alvarez

Looking for a ticket for the Leadership Forum. The option is no longer available...wonder if it is just sold out.


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Jon Peter

Looks like both hotels are already sold out!!! Anyone looking for a roommate?

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Patrick Larkin

I JUST booked my hotel room. So maybe they opened up additional room?

0 Loves May 03, 2022 07:48 AM
Jon Peter

Thank you Patrick. Shortly after posting that, we worked it out to get more rooms opened up! 

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Elizabeth Dickey

I will attend on Tuesday and would love to meet with my fellow Guest Services community members during a break or at the evening event.  When would be best for you that day -Coffee Break, Dessert time, or during the Poster Session?  I will try to arrange the use of a room.

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